Is geometry Dash Good for your eyes? Let’s uncover the reality!

Geometry Dash is a well-known fast-action game. It has set an example for others because of its energizing gameplay and splendid visual effects. It requires an icon that navigates through the level avoiding obstacles with synchronized music which gives rhythm to the player to play more and achieve more.

As you know, more than 5 million people play Geometry Dash around the world and people spend hours playing this game because of its attractive features. Hence, any activity that involves too much screen time raises questions about its potential impact on eye health. In this article, we will discuss the positive and negative effects on the eyes and how to extenuate its potential risks.

Is geometry Dash Good for your eyes

Do bright colors and fast motion strain your eyes?

The eyes are the most delicate part of the body which can affect the most by external impacts. Anything that has intensity can affect the human eye whether it is a bright light(such as sunlight, digital screen light, LED light), bright colors(such as bright yellow), fast motion, etc. human visual system is designed to process many stimuli but intense and excessive can lead to strain and pain. 

Visual intensity of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a game that has a vibrant visual intensity that can affect your eyes the most,  which can strain eyes and can be harmful to eye health.

The fast-paced gameplay of geometry dash gives very little time to the player to lead the icon to its way while colliding with the obstacle. The player has to keep their eyes on the screen for a long time, which is harmful to eye health.

The flashing colors and patterns are also important points to raise about the visual intensity of Geometry Dash. This game is filled with such unwanted flashing colors, explosions, and other animated elements and patterns that add to excitement.

In geometry Dash many patterns and sequences are repetitive which helps to memorize them still these require concentration and continuous focus that affects the eyes because of constant visual intensity.

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Understanding Eye Strain

Before we dive into visual intensity, let’s study what eye strain is.

Eye Strain is also known as Asthenopia, it is a general condition in which eyes feel sore, irritated, tired & uncomfortable after prolonged use. Such disturbed condition of eyes is not specified to a specific condition.

  • Blurred vision
  • Sore, tired, irritating, burning, or itching eyes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dry eyes or watery eyes
  • Eye discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Prolonged screen time
  • Poor lighting
  • Uncorrected vision problem
  • Extended reading
  • Driving for long periods
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Dry eyes

Computer Vision Syndrome is also known as Digital Eye Strain, it is a specific condition in which eyes feel sore, irritated, and uncomfortable after prolonged use in front of a digital screen(smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.).

  • Eye strain
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes(watery eyes)
  • Headache 
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Difficulty shifting focus between on-screen and off-screen objects
  • Prolonged exposure to blue light
  • Poor screen lightening
  • Incorrect viewing angle
  • Less eye blinking
  • Poor sitting posture
  • An extended period of focus on the screen

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Visual Stimulation and Eye Strain

Geometry Dash is designed with vibrant and stimulated visual effects to keep the players engaged with it. This intense and rapid activity can cause both positive and negative aspects.

The visual intensity and rapid movements can have positive aspects as they enhance the potential coordination between hand and eye movement. This practice can enhance your ability to focus and react quickly.

Apart from positive aspects, it also has negative aspects that can cause damage to your eye health. Long-term use of digital screens can cause Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). The intense and prolonged focus on the gameplay can increase these symptoms especially if the breaks are not taken.

Blue light emission

Blue light is also known as High Energy Visible(HEV) Light. The maximum exposure to blue light is from the sun which is not harmful. But the question is whether artificial blue light is harmful to the human eye or not. The answer is Yes, some studies show that it damages the eyes. 

Blue light is a known enemy of the retina, prolonged exposure to it can cause retinal damage. Moderate gaming experience is unlikely to cause damage but extended gameplay can have a potential negative impact on eye health.

Use of digital screens(whether it is a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) exactly before sleep time can cause disturbance in sleep patterns. Blue light disrupts the production of the melatonin hormone that regulates the sleep order. It can cause problems in falling asleep and may lead to sleep disorders(i.e. insomnia).

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Recommendations for eye care

You must follow the eye health tips to take care of your eyes, which are:

It is the most effective and recommended practice. It means every 20 minutes, search for something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will relax eye muscles and give rest, which will be helpful for eye health.

Adjust screen brightness

You should be careful while using the digital screen that the brightness of the device should be adjusted according to your needs. Too much and too little brightness will harm your eyes and make them uneasy and disturbed.

Proper posture and viewing distance

While using a smartphone or tablet you should keep proper posture, which will be helpful to working for a long time in front of the screen, and should also keep an appropriate viewing distance(an arm’s distance), which will help the eye to stay unaffected.

Use blue light filters

Nowadays, new devices have blue light filters in them, which helps to reduce the emission of blue light. It balances the color temperature of the screen to warmer tones, which helps to reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality.

Maintain proper lightening

Geometry Dash should be played in a well-lit room, it will minimize the contrast between the screen and the surrounding environment. It will be helpful to reduce eye strain and immense pressure on the retina.

Regular breaks

During gaming sessions, you should take regular breaks to avoid eye strain that can result in eye injury. It will be also helpful to regulate other body muscles so that they would not have stress and damage muscles or tissues.

Blink more often

It is viewed that people often blink less while using the screen which results in dry eyes(watery eyes) or irritation often occurring. You should make a conscious effort to blink more often which is helpful for the eyes to stay strain-free and can use the screen for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Eye Fatigue: Eye fatigue is also known as Asthenopia, it is a general condition in which eyes feel sore, irritated, tired & uncomfortable after prolonged use. Such disturbed condition of eyes is not specified to a specific condition. Common causes may include prolonged reading, extended periods of driving, viewing fine details, stressing to see in low or excessive light, or incorrectly prescribed glasses or contact lenses.

Computer Vision Syndrome: Computer Vision Syndrome is also known as Digital Eye Strain, it is a specific condition in which eyes feel sore, irritated, and uncomfortable after prolonged use in front of a digital screen(smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.). Common causes may include prolonged exposure to blue light, poor screen lightening, incorrect viewing angle, less blinking, poor posture, and extended periods of screen use.

Geometry Dash not only improves hand and eye coordination but also improves creativity skills by editing levels, improves fine motor skills, and develops patience and persistence by overcoming obstacles.

Geometry Dash is not just a game but it is a package of good things. It is not only a game of jumps and beats, it is a complete training of the brain that enhances reaction time, improves hand and eye coordination, improves fine motor skills, and trains the mind to recognize and compare patterns.

Well, everything based on science has its advantages and disadvantages. If Geometry Dash is a workout of the brain to enhance its qualities, it also hurts the eyes because of its vibrant and intense visuals, bright colors, and fast-moving patterns but all these points can be overcome by using the recommendation for it.

Gaming glasses are a solution for incorporating blue light-blocking technology, they help to reduce the effects of unwanted rays of light on your eyes, and maintain your circadian rhythm for good sleep, and keep your eyes strain-free.

Not only Geometry Dash, gaming for the short term doesn’t leave serious risks for your eyes while prolonged, intensive, and long-term gaming is harmful for your eyes and puts them at high risk of significant issues like digital eye strain.


Geometry Dash is both good and bad for the eyes as it depends on how you play it. It helps you to increase your fine motor skills, improves hand and eye coordination, and enhances reaction time. On the other hand, if you violate the steps to maintain good gaming then it will pose harmful impacts on your eyes by its vibrant visual intensity and fast-paced moving icons and patterns. Following simple steps in your life, eyes and gaming can be ideal, follow the 20-20-20 rule, adjust screen brightness, proper posture and viewing distance, use blue light filters, and maintain proper lighting. Moderate gaming practice is the key to health and enjoyment.