Download Geometry Dash World MOD APK v2.2.11 for Android 2024

Geometry Dash World MOD APK for Android







Salient Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Icons
  • Unblocked Levels
  • Customized Level

Additional Information

App Name:Geometry Dash World
Developer:RobTop Games
Updated On:10/04/24
Size: 64.8Mb
Support:Android 5.0+
MOD Features:Unlocked/Unlimited Currency
Platforms:Android, iOS
Google Play ID:com.robtopx.geometrydashworld


As we know, Geometry Dash is an adventurous and thrilling game, which is played when the player is engulfed in it. Then, the player can wipe out its levels and knock out its demons. After all the fascinating effects, features, and graphics, we are here to welcome you to the world of Geometry Dash World.

It was newly updated on 21st December 2016; Robert Topala announced it as the second spin-off game. Geometry Dash World (Mod APK unlocks everything) has several interesting aspects that provide variety and innovation to the gameplay. If you think, you are a die-hard gamer, then you should prepare to be immersed in one of the most difficult rhythm game plat-former hybrids from the comfort of your Android.

Geometry Dash World APK

It is one of the most popular arcade games in which an icon runs through spiky obstacles, and dark and horrible caves by jumping, flipping, and flying the way in a rhythm-based action platform with a melodious background. In the Android setup, the icon is moved by a single tap on the screen.

It has a different atmosphere, with a total of 10 levels. It has 2 worlds with five levels each. Every level is unlocked by completing the previous level. The next world is unlocked when the previous world is completed. You will enjoy different icons, music, levels, shops, and rewards, which will be helpful to you to achieve progress in the game.

Geometry Dash World Mod APK

The original Geometry Dash World is undoubtedly a great game but its Mod APK will take the game to the next step of excitement. In the Mod version, you will get everything unlocked and free or a complete customized package.

Geometry Dash World game-play has the goal of every level to lead the character to the end without touching any kind of obstacle. Whenever you collide into one accidentally, the level resets and you will have to begin your run once again. This game may have very simple controls, but it is extremely hard to master!

Geometry Dash World APK VS Geometry Dash World Mod APK

Here, I will tell you the difference between Geometry Dash World APK and Geometry Dash World Mod APK.

Geometry Dash WorldGeometry Dash World Mod APK
It is the original version of the game created by the owner of the game.It is the modified version of the game created by the developers or an individual.
You can download APK (Android Package Kit) from the official website or the Android App Store.You can download the Mod APK of the game from the third party’s site.
It is the best game with quality screenplay, and excellent graphics, in which the progress is rewarded according to patience, consistency, and inflexibility.It is an extraordinary game with extra qualities of unblocked, unlimited icons, and unlocked new levels in which every type of movement is recorded whether it is in normal mode or practice mode.

Geometry Dash World Mod APK

Features of Geometry Dash World Mod APK

These are some features of the Geometry Dash World Mod APK that will help you understand its structure.

Rhythmic-based action platform

It is the only platform where you will get rhythm and action together. As the game starts, you will hear unique music and as the level progresses in speed, the music will also get speedy (you can also turn off the music from the setting option). The icon will jump, flip, and fly on the way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

The obstacles made in the passage are of square, triangular shapes, and somewhere of saw blades, spiky and steep ways. In some areas, it has to fly to reach its ending tunnel i.e. circular or ring-shaped. In short, many geometrical shapes are used in it.

New Colours and Icons Unblocked

The icon kit is a feature that allows the player to customize the icon used in gameplay. A series of icon designs can be selected for each form as well as corresponding primary, secondary, and glow colors. In addition, trial and death effects can be selected, although none of these have any physical effect on the game.

The player can choose one icon (or two, when in dual mode) of eight different game modes each of which behaves differently with each interaction. The player can also select colors i.e. categorized in col 1, col 2, and glow. There are also types of power (shards of power), they are further divided into two types,

Shards of power (gems)Shards of power (diamond)
It involves fire shards, ice shards, poison shards, shadow shards, and lava shards and these are collected in bonus unlocks.It involves earth shards, blood shards, metal shards, light shards, and soul shards and these are collected in bonus unlocks.

New Levels and Level Editor

Another main feature of Geometry Dash World APK is new levels that are 10 in full version, which are divided into two main worlds: Dashland and Toxic Factory. Players have to complete levels in consecutive order to unlock the next ones. Below is the list of all levels:

Levels of DashlandLevels of Toxic Factory
1. Payload1. Space Pirates
2. Beast Mode2. Strikes
3. Machina3. Embers
4. Years4. Round 1
5. Frontlines5. Monster Dance Off

Geometry Dash World online is much more polished, both in terms of catchy soundtracks and vibrant animation effects, also read (top 10 hardest demons in Geometry Dash).

This game also can upload and download user-created levels which is also known as level creator, in which the player can make his level that can be liked or disliked, scored, rated (in 12 difficulty ratings), earned coins (stars, diamonds, man orbs), can be shared with friends.

The player having difficulty in any level can use practice mode. He can play many times but it will not progress for normal mode nor earn money or anything else. But its progress is recorded separately. It is denoted by a Green gem.

Daily Rewards and Daily Challenges

Daily reward is a feature that is very helpful for the player to earn many things, you can get it from the daily button. There are two chests in it, a small one can open every four hours and it includes the mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys in less quantity. The large one can open every 24 hours and it includes mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys (more than a small chest).

Daily challenges are the feature that gives tasks to the player, in the way he receives rewards, and the button is labeled as quests. The tasks change daily whether it is completed or not. The countdown starts when it is changed.


It shows the progress of every level, and when the level is completed you get rewards. It is shown in percentage. A trophy sign is used on the button to show achievements. Every level is labeled with its name like payload, beast mode, Machina, years, frontlines, and many more.


The setting button is placed on the main menu right next to the achievements button. It includes,

  • Account, in which the player can register himself. If you want to make an account of the game you also read (how to create an account of Geometry Dash).
  • A guide is shown on how to play.
  • From the rate option, you can rate the game; it will open a link to Google Play.
  • In the songs option, you can hear the soundtracks of your choice; they are 23 in number and are given by their names.
  • The help button helps you to get support from the developer and can contact him by email.
  • From the options button, you can set your game by auto-retry, hide attempts, disable portal guide, and many more. 

You can also get music and SFX on/off from here.


It is on the main menu, that shows total jumps, total attempts, collected stars, collected diamonds, total orbs collected, completed levels, completed online levels, completed demon levels, completed daily levels, collected secret coins, collected user coins, completed map packs, completed gauntlets, liked/disliked levels, rated levels. These all are shown in numbers.

List of all updates released for Geometry Dash World

22-12-2016Geometry Dash World 1.00
18-01-2017Geometry Dash World 1.021
23-12-2017Geometry Dash World 1.03
16-12-2019Geometry Dash World 1.04
19-06-2022Geometry Dash World 2.2.11
10-04-2024Geometry Dash World 2.2.14

The owner of the game has a plan to bring its new update named Geometry Dash Universe, obviously, with more exciting features that will be enough to inspire game lovers.

Geometry Dash World Mod APK Levels Difficulty Table

Here, I will show you the list of levels, their ratings and music composers with their initial releases.

Dashland levels

1. Payload2Initial releasedDex Arson
2. Beast Mode2Initial releasedDex Arson
3. Machine3Initial releasedDex Arson
4. Years3Initial releasedDex Arson
5. Frontlines3Initial releasedDex Arson

Toxic Factory Levels

1. Space Pirates3Initial releasedWaterflame
2. Striker3Initial releasedWaterflame
3. Embers3Initial releasedDex Arson
4. Round 13Initial releasedDex Arson
5. Monster Dance Off3Initial releasedF-777

Secret level

1. The challenge3Initial releasedRobTop

How to download and install Geometry Dash World for Android?

These are some easy steps to download and install this game.

  • Step 1: Click the download button from the trusted site.
  • Step 2: Download the APK file.
  • Step 3: Enable unknown sources.
  • Step 4: Go to files on your Android, and search for the downloaded file in downloads.
  • Step 5: Click the file to install.
  • Step 6: A confirmation message will appear when the installation is complete.
  • Step 7: When installation is completed, open the file and enjoy the game.

Infographic of Geometry Dash World

Infographic of Geometry Dash World

User Reviews

1. Rashdah Zaidi

The gameplay is fun. Ads are not. There are too many ads. The weekly levels are unplayable on the mobile cause of lag. The character doesn’t jump when you tap sometimes. The vaults are useless once you’ve got the secrets unlocked. The music is fire. Easy community levels are really hard to find because most of the levels are hard. I’m here to just play casually but the levels are boring AF. And why, Rob, just WHY did you leave a “coming soon” message on World 3? It’s been 5 YEARS.

2. Heart Heart

Geometry dash games are so fun!! And addicting. This game got me hooked and I love how the levels are mainly easy, I have never seen any problem or any bug in my experience in playing this game. But it would probably be a good idea if you added multiplayer mode to this game. And not just this, all geometry dash games need a multiplayer mode, which would make the game even better!/(Add) Yep. That’s all Idk what to say lol but overall this game is good, and it’s well made. GG!


The Mod APK version is always important for every game, as it gives a lot of custom features like levels, icons, colors, and money are more than the original game.

Yes, Geometry Dash World is a free-of-cost game developed by Robtop. It was first released for iOS and then for Android.

Geometry Dash system requirements state that you will need at least 512 MB of RAM. To play Geometry Dash you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz. You will need at least 100 MB of free disk space to install Geometry Dash.

This very little tool patches x86 executables to let them have 4GB of virtual memory on x64 platforms. This tool comes very handy for apps that need a great amount of virtual memory like games, 3D renderization, multimedia, etc.

Unfortunately, Geometry Dash’s full version is not free on PC, you have to pay for it.

Pros and cons of Geometry Dash World

Pros (advantages)

  • Free to use
  • Available for all devices
  • Practice single level several times
  • Free from ads
  • Wifi is not needed

Cons (disadvantages)

  • Don’t have unlimited levels
  • The game is difficult but can be overcome.
  • A tense person cannot play it because of its fast-paced action track.


Now, I will conclude by saying that Geometry Dash lovers will love this game too. It is simple in its view and hard to complete. It is an arcade, action, runner, single-player game that has a limited 10 levels divided by 2 worlds, which have to be played one by one in sequence, and one secret level only, with some new icons, colors, etc. It also has the same steps to play the game with a single tap. Apart from all these plus points, it is necessary to download the game from an authorized site to avoid bugs, malware, and viruses.