Geometry Dash vs Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash VS Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythmic based Action Platform video game created in 2013 by Swedish developer Robert Topala (known as RobTop), his company known as RobTop Games. It was launched for $1.99 USD on 13th August 2013 for mobile devices and for  $3.99 USD on 22 December 2014 for Steam and PC.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash

Gameplay of Geometry Dash is simple as it can be played by a single button, touch screen, mouse, keyboard, or controller. The objective of the game is to complete the level by reaching its ending tunnel without touching any obstacle otherwise the level will start again.

On the other hand, the gameplay of geometry dash also has a practice mode, unlike the normal mode, which helps the player to place a checkpoint on the required place to start with instead of the beginning, if the icon smacks.

In all these actions, the player will listen to enraptured music. Every level has different music, which is always unique in its rhythm, it will start as the level starts, and end when the level ends.

The game has 27 official levels ( which are divided into 22 main levels, 4 platform levels, and 1 in the secret level). In the main levels, the length of the levels is approximately 1:20 to 1:45 minutes. The levels are also classified from its difficulty rating into six categories, as:

  • Easy 
  • Medium 
  • Difficult 
  • Most difficult
  • Insane 
  • Demon

It also gives the facility of user levels, which are classified into 5 categories:

  • Easy Demon 
  • Medium Demon
  • Hard Demon
  • Insane Demon
  • Extreme Demon

After all, using one-touch Gameplay of Geometry Dash, the player must try to navigate through a series of interactive obstacles, movement-shifting transporters and behavior manipulating portals to reach the end of levels without crashing, all while listening to exciting music along the way.

Game Modes

In games modes the player can choose one icon (or two, when in dual mode) of eight different game modes each of which behaves differently with each interaction. These modes include cube, ship, ball, UFO, wave, robot, spider, swing, and jetpack.

Games modes also contains several types of portals in the game that allow you to change vehicles, change size, change gravity, change direction, change speed, change position (through teleportation) and duplicate the icon,  pads, orbs, making the user handle two icons at the same time.

Games modes also give option of the pads are objects that, when they come into contact with the vehicle, make it jump automatically.

The orbs are circle like objects, they interact with the icon only if they click when the icon passes by their position. 


The player can collect up to 164 Secret Coins from different areas of the game i.e. official levels, tower levels, and map packs. From all these areas, the player collects different numbers of coins on different conditions. In addition, there are three secret hidden coins:

The 1st – by putting an active code in The Vault.

The 2nd – by completing 2000 user levels in normal mode.

The 3rd – by touching the right arrow several times from the beginning of the levels, where it says Coming soon & the coin appears in Coming Soon.

Daily reward is a feature that is very helpful for the player to earn many things. There are two chests in it, a small one can open every four hours and it includes the mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys in less quantity. The large one can open every 24 hours and it includes mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys (more than a small chest).

Daily challenges are the feature that gives tasks to the player, in the way he receives rewards and the button is labeled as quests. The tasks change daily whether it is completed or not. The countdown starts when it is changed. When the mission is completed, the player receives 5, 10, 15 diamonds.

User Levels

User levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels, created by the players in the editor. The game facilitates us by giving an option to play online, download and even make a copy of the level created by other players. The player has the ability to like or dislike, suggest a star difficulty, compare scores with other players on the level’s leaderboard, and comment on the other player’s user levels. (if the player has a registered account).

The coins collected in the official levels (secret coins) and those earned in user levels, called user coins (user coins), both are different, they have the same appearance as secret coins, but in a silver gray color.

Level Editor

Level editor is the feature of the Geometry Dash that allows the player to create his own level and upload it for other players to play, and give ratings. The levels created by the players in level editor, also get stars from the game owner (RobTop), and in this way the level gets popularity around the world like Tidal Wave (the hardest level created by the player).

Since the beginning of the game, there has been the editor mode, which has changed over time.There are some editor modes:

  • Build – to place objects
  • Edit – to modify the position, rotation, etc., of an already placed object
  • Delete – to delete objects
  • Swipe – swipe is used for “pencil mode”, and allows you to place or delete objects by sliding your finger or cursor across the screen 
  • Rotate – rotate allows you to rotate objects
  • Free move – free move allows you to move objects directly
  • Snap – snap is used to place the object into the grid.

Characteristics of the Levels

Levels can be created with variable lengths. According to the length of level, the levels are classified into five types:

  • Tiny – Less than ten seconds long.
  • Short – ten seconds to thirty seconds long.
  • Medium – Thirty seconds to one minute long.
  • Long – one minute to two minutes long.
  • XL – more than two minutes long.

The user level has a unique ID, consisting of numbers, which cannot be changed. If the level is lost, the ID will be deleted. You cannot find it ever. Those levels which contain less than 100 objects are eliminated.

Other Features

User Accounts

Players can create an account on the game page in which the user can make a profile, publish posts, view status, vehicles, messages, and accept friends. This feature is present in all Geometry Dash games with limited functions. User accounts were officially introduced in Update 1.9, giving the player the ability to save and transfer data between devices.

If someone posts without having an account, his name will appear in green color and the person who posts while having an account, his name will appear in golden yellow.


Leaderboard is the feature in which the player sees different categories like top 100 (if the player has made such a higher score then he can see himself in top 100 player list), friends (in this category the player will be able to contact with the friends added to his account), global (the global is where the player’s current position is) and creator (there are the hundred players with the most creator points). 

Daily and Weekly Levels

Daily levels is the feature in which the player gets extra levels to play (user created levels, set by RobTop, having 2 to 9 stars). When the levels are completed, the player gets the reward in stars and diamonds, afterwards that level disappears, and the next day it is updated with new levels.

Weekly levels are the same as daily levels but it is updated weekly and it contains the levels having more stars than daily levels ( more than 9 stars). It also gives reward in stars and diamonds (more than that of daily levels).


Moderator is the feature which gives some players a special appearance in front of RobTop, given by RobTop, (this feature commonly known as Mod denoted by M). The player who gets M, can send levels to RobTop for getting stars on them. There are three type of moderators:

  • Moderators 
  • Elder moderators
  • Leaderboard moderators

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is a Rhythmic based Action Platform spin off video game created in 2016 by Swedish developer Robert Topala (known as RobTop), his company known as RobTop Games. It was launched on 21st December 2016 for mobile devices and on 22 December 2016 for Steam and PC.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World is the same as of the original Geometry Dash. you must touch the screen to run the game and avoid obstacles. All the run is followed by the captivating music that will last with you during all the game. Every level has different music, which is always unique in its rhythm.

This spin-off contains two world islands, named Dashland and Toxic Factory, each consisting of 5 levels, connected with each other. Every level will be unlocked, if the previous level is unlocked. These levels are very short in length, not more than 40 seconds, approximately. 

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World is so wealthy, when the player completes the level, he gets secret coins, stars, and mana orbs. When all the levels are completed, it gives access to the user levels, daily levels, and weekly levels.

Game Modes

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World has all the game modes, icons, colors like the original Geometry dash. Many features i.e. practice mode, daily rewards, daily challenges, unlimited money, unlimited icons, colors, settings, statistics, daily levels, weekly levels, demon levels, achievements are the same. There are also two secret vaults in games modes, which are from the original video game, they can be unlocked using codes, the vaults are called The Vault of Secrets and Chamber of Time,  same as the original game.

You can read all these features from here.


The level songs were Made by Dex Arson, F-777 and Waterflame, some of which were modified by Robtop.

Sr. No.Names of the SongsDuration
1.Geometry Dash Menu Theme0:30
2.Stay Inside Me4:01
4.Beast Mode0:34
8.Space Pirates0:39
11.Round 10:35
12.Monster Dance Off0:38

If you want to see more details of songs, you can also see Geometry Dash World’s music composer.


This game is programmed in C++ language, using Cocos2d compiler, these are the same elements used for the original video game, Geometry Dash.

Pros and cons of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World

Pros and cons of Geometry Dash

Pros (advantages)

  • User levels
  • Level editor
  • Unlimited levels
  • Free to use
  • Free from ads
  • Available for all devices
  • Network not needed
  • Practice single level several times

Cons (disadvantages)

  • The game is difficult but can be overcomed.
  • A tense person cannot play it.
  • It exhausts the mind.
  • Complex levels may differ from the complexity of levels.

Pros and cons of Geometry Dash World

Pros (advantages)

  • Free to use
  • Available for all devices
  • Practice single level several times
  • Free from ads
  • Network not needed

Cons (disadvantages)

  • Don’t have unlimited levels.
  • The game is difficult but can be overcomed.
  • A tense person cannot play it.
  • It gives fatigue of mind.

Which version is best for you?

The answer of this question is hidden in your choice, taste, degree of dedication and priorities. Here is the ranking of the geometry Dash and its spin offs:

Sr. No.Name of GameStarsGenre
1.Geometry Dash9.3Abstract, Action, Arcade, Runner
2.Geometry Dash Lite8.6Abstract, Action, Arcade, Runner
3.Geometry Dash World8.9Abstract, Action, Arcade, Runner
4.Geometry Dash Subzero8.7Abstract, Action, Arcade, Runner
5.Geometry Dash Meltdown9.2Abstract, Action, Arcade, Runner