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Are you bored of playing simple games? Do you want to play an exciting game that challenges your concentration, reflexes, and abilities? Then get ready to play the electrifying and thrilling game known as Geometry Dash World for iOS on your palm set, whether it is on iPhone or iPad. It is exhilarated by its speed and music which is non-stop on millions of levels which you can play.

If you already play this game, then you will be happy to know that now, its new Version has been introduced, known as Geometry Dash World Mod APK [Unlimited Currency] v[2.2.14] for Apple devices. It is the best chance for you to show your ability, strength, and speed of your reflexes on theUnlimited Levels of the game. So, come here and join us for your unlimited fun.

Additional Information

App Name:Geometry Dash World
Genre:Arcade, Abstract, Action
Developer:RobTop Games
Updated On:8th April 2024
Age Rating:4+
Game Version:2.2.14
MOD Features:Unlocked/Unlimited Currency
Compatibility with iPhone:Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Compatibility with iPad:Requires iPad 12.0 or later
Compatibility with iPod Touch:Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Apple Version:Requires Version OS 1.0 or later

Geometry Dash World for iOS

It is an abstract and fast-paced action game that was first developed by Robert Topala (commonly known as RobTop) in 2013 for Android & iOS and for Windows and MacOS in 2014; later on, many updates were released by the company called RobTop Games. This game is nowadays getting heights that millions of people around the World are playing.

It has a different atmosphere, with a total of 10 levels. It has 2 Worlds with five levels each. Every level is unlocked by completing the previous level. The next World is unlocked when the previous World is completed. You will enjoy different icons, music, levels, shops, and rewards, which will be helpful to you to achieve progress in the game.

Geometry Dash World Mod APK for iOS

It is one of the most popular arcade games in which an icon runs through spiky obstacles, and dark and horrible caves by jumping, flipping, and flying the way in a rhythm-based action platform with a melodic background. In the Apple setup, the icon is moved by a single tap on the screen.

Geometry Dash World for iOS has a simple gameplay with an icon running towards its goal. The game becomes harder when the character bumps into a hurdle, and the game starts from initial. This game has a simple gameplay, but hard to achieve the levels once.

Geometry Dash World APK VS Geometry Dash World Mod APK

There is much difference between APK and Mod APK. To see the comparison, go to Geometry Dash World APK VS Geometry Dash World Mod APK.

Features of Geometry Dash World for iOS

These are some features of the Geometry Dash World for iOS that will help you understand its structure.

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World

Gameplay of Geometry Dash World is very simple, it can be played with a single button, touch screen, mouse, keyboard, or controller. The objective of the game is to complete the level by reaching its ending tunnel without touching any obstacle. Otherwise, the level will start again.

On the other hand, the game also has a practice mode, unlike the normal mode, which helps the player to place a checkpoint on the required place to start with instead of the beginning of the icon smacks.

In all these actions, the player will listen to enraptured music. Every level has different music, which is always unique in its rhythm; it will start as the level starts and end when the level ends.

New Levels

Geometry Dash World for iOS contains two World islands, named Dashland and Toxic Factory, each consisting of 5 levels connected with each other. Every level will be unlocked if the previous level is unlocked. These levels are very short in length, not more than 40 seconds, approximately.

When the player completes the level, he gets secret coins, stars, and mana orbs. When all the levels are completed, it gives access to the user levels, daily levels, and weekly levels.

You can have unlimited levels on the Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK and Geometry Dash Mod APK for Android.

Game Modes

The player can choose one icon (or two when in dual mode) of eight different game modes, each of which behaves differently with each interaction. These modes include cube, ship, ball, UFO, wave, robot, spider, swing, and jetpack.

It also contains several types of portals in the game that allow you to change vehicles, change size, change gravity, change direction, change speed, change position (through teleportation), and duplicate the icon, pads, and orbs, making the user handle two icons at the same time.

The pads are objects that, when they come into contact with the vehicle, make it jump automatically.

The orbs are circle-like objects; they interact with the icon only if they click when the icon passes by their position.

There are also two secret vaults, which can be unlocked using codes; the vaults are called The Vault of Secrets and Chamber of Time.


Daily reward is a feature that is very helpful for the player to earn many things. There are two chests in it; a small one can open every four hours, and it includes the mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys in less quantity. The large one can open every 24 hours, and it provides mana orbs, diamonds, shards, and keys (more than a small chest).

Daily challenges are the feature that gives tasks to the player in the way he receives rewards, and the button is labelled as quests. The tasks change after every 24 hours, whether they are completed or not. The countdown starts when it is changed. When the mission is completed, the player receives 5, 10, 15 diamonds.

User Accounts

Players can create an account on the game page in which the user can make a profile, publish posts, view status, vehicles, messages, and accept friends. This feature is present in all Geometry Dash games with limited functions. User accounts were officially introduced in Update 1.9, giving the player the ability to save and transfer data between devices.

If someone posts without having an account, his name will appear in green color and the person who posts while having an account, his name will appear in golden yellow.


Leaderboard is the feature in which the player sees different categories like top 100 (if the player has made such a higher score, then he can see himself in the top 100 player list), friends (in this category, the player will be able to contact with the friends added to his account), global (the global is where the player’s current position is) and creator (there are a hundred players with the most creator points).

Daily and Weekly Levels

Daily levels are the feature in which the player gets extra levels to play (user-created levels, set by RobTop, having 2 to 9 stars). When the levels are completed, the player receives the reward in stars and diamonds. Afterwards, that level disappears, and the next day, it is updated with new levels.

Weekly levels are the same as daily levels, but it is updated weekly, and it contains the levels having more stars than daily levels ( more than 9 stars). It also gives rewards in stars and diamonds (more than that of daily levels).


Moderator is the feature that gives some players a special appearance in front of RobTop, given by RobTop (this feature is commonly known as Mod, denoted by M). The player who gets M can send levels to RobTop to get stars on them. There are three types of moderators:

  • Moderators
  • Elder moderators
  • Leaderboard moderators

Soundtrack of Geometry Dash World for iOS

The songs of the levels and their duration are mentioned in the list. Visit to.


Here is the list of music composers and their ratings in stars with their initial releases. Go to geometry dash world for android.


This game is programmed in C++ language, using Cocos2d compiler, these are the same elements used for the original video game, Geometry Dash.

How to download and install Geometry Dash World for iOS?

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to download and install Geometry Dash World for iOS on your Apple device.

Step 1: On your iOS device, tap on the App Store icon to open the App Store.

Step 2: Use the search bar to search the Geometry Dash World.

Step 3: When you have entered the name, Geometry Dash World should appear in the results.

Step 4: There, you will see the Get button; press it to download the game.

Step 5: It may ask for your Apple ID, Face ID, or use Touch ID.

Step 6: It may take a few moments to complete the downloading. After downloading is finished, the app will be installed on your device.

Step 7: After installation completes, you will see the game app icon on your home screen.

Step 8: If you already have an account, you can access your progress. If you’re new to the game, you can start playing without signing in.

Step 9: Now, with the free hand, you can play and enjoy your time.

Geometry Dash World iOS Reviews and Ratings

Here is the screenshot of Geometry Dash World iOS reviews and ratings from the Google Play Store, which are verified and authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Simply, go to the Apple site, after searching the required item, download it, and enjoy the game.

In Geometry Dash World for iOS, the Practice Mode is unlocked by default; you can practice it to achieve your goals in normal mode.

Unfortunately, Geometry Dash World does not provide this facility in the original Version, but in the mod version it is possible.

The Mod is the Premium Version of the Geometry Dash World APK, with all the features unlocked, which you can get for free.

Step 1: Connect your iOS device (iPad/iPhone) to your laptop.

Step 2: Go to iTunes and locate your iOS device in the section Devices of the program’s side menu.

Step 3: Drag your Open IPA file into the iTunes device list.

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash World for iOS

Pros (advantages)

  • Free to use.
  • Available for all devices.
  • Practice single level several times.
  • Free from ads.
  • Network not needed

Cons (disadvantages)

  • Don’t have unlimited levels.
  • The game is difficult but can be overcome.
  • A tense person cannot play it.
  • It gives fatigue of mind.


However, we covered all the necessary information about Geometry Dash World Mod APK. This game is exciting and filled with the funniest moments; each level contains beautiful graphics and different types of soundtracks. Gameplay of Geometry Dash World is simple and soundtracks help your mind to pay more attention to the game and it boosts your mind to complete the level. Geometry Dash World iOS reviews are also very good. From the original version, you have been limited to many works. Download this game with unlocked features from our site to stay safe, as Geometry Dash World iOS Reviews and Ratings are Good.