Geometry Dash No-Clip v2.2 | Update 2.2

update 2.2

Geometry Dash(GD) is the rhythm based action video game developed by Robert Topala (commonly known as RobTop and the company known as RobTop Games) on 13th August 2013 for Android and on 21 December 2014 for iOS. He developed this game during his college studies.

He was a game lover, and made many other games also but this game got too high that afterwards he left his studies and came to it. Then, he gave many updates to the game, it is one of them.

Geometry Dash 2.2 is the 12th major update of Geometry Dash, was made on 19th December 2023 for iOS, Android and Steam. It gives a terrible excitement to the millions of players of Geometry Dash around the world. It was like a cube of sugar in front of ants as it gives updates to the game.

Major Updates

1. Geometry Dash Non-clip v2.2

Geometry Dash No-clip 2.2 is the most exclusive and interesting feature of the update 2.2. It offers the player more excitement and encouragement to play the game. It allows users to move freely in the levels without any fear of colliding into the obstacle. Actually, the word No-Clip tells us that it offers the player the free world of the game and discovers undiscovered stories.

This is a very unique feature, every game doesn’t offer this opportunity to freely play the game without any kind of fear of dying. Only version 2.211 gives us a platform to play beyond limitations and restrictions.

How to play Geometry Dash No-clip APK?

Geometry Dash no-clip is a rhythm based action platform. In this version the player can enable the no-clip mode. It allows the player to play without bumping into the hurdles and obstacles, it is often played by the creators and the player who showcase. It gives the flexibility to run and fly across the level. It sounds like cheating but it is really a cool tool for creators to create a level.

Now, it is important to remember that Geometry Dash No-Clip mode is used for creativity and fun, not for playing the game in normal mode. But, it is definitely a feature which inspires the creators and players to push their work to the boundaries of fun and excitement.

Restrictions to play Geometry Dash No-Clip APK

In Geometry Dash, No-Clip is a cheat code that allows the players to move through walls and obstacles in the game. Still, I must remind you that cheating in any form is against the rules and terms of the game and they can ban you for this. Additionally, cheating takes away from the fun and challenge of the game. So, playing the game honestly and earning your progress through skill and practice will give you real excitement.

You can also see the difference between Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World.

2. The Main Level Dash

In update 2.2 New level “Dash” that uses an original song by MDK. This was referred to as the “secret song” by RobTop and MDK until its name was revealed.

3. New Triggers

It has been added 86 new triggers such as:

Reverse trigger > move back in level

Camera manipulation trigger > zoom, static, rotate, offset, edge

Random trigger > active 2 group

End trigger > ends the level

Option trigger > set things

Player control trigger > controls the player

New area trigger > change object in a small area around a specific object

Scale trigger > scales object

Gravity trigger > modify the strength of gravity

Arrow trigger > change direction of gravity and movement

Time warp trigger > speed of level and player

Move trigger > support option to lock camera at X/Y axis.

And many more.

4. Platformer Levels

It allows the player to move themselves left and right at will, instead of automatically moving to the right. There are currently 4 official levels in Platformer Mode, The Tower, The Sewers, the Cellar, and The Secret Hollow.

5. 2 New Shops

Update 2.2 also added two new shops, the Mechanic and the Diamond Shop, which takes Diamond Shards as currency, which is earned alongside diamonds.

6. A Second tier of Shards

5 new Shards, which are named Earth, Metal, Blood, Light and Soul. The 5 shards named above also have a separate Bonus Unlocks collection, similar to the original 5 shards added in Update 2.1.

7. Lists

Which act somewhat similarly to Map Packs, but any user can create them. Developer-approved lists appear on the “Lists” button in the online menu and reward Diamonds for completing a specific number of levels in the list, varying per list.

8. New icons

Over 700 new icons, some of which cannot be unlocked until update 2.21. New icon kit customization options such as ship trails and animations for certain game modes.

9. The Paths

Geometry Dash 2.2 has added paths also known as Paths of Power. There are ten paths, each path costs thousands of mana orbs to unlock. Only one path can be active at a time but many paths can be purchased.

Updates in Geometry Dash Series(2.201-2.205)

These are the update 2.2 that came on different dates and with unique changes.

Update 2.201

Geometry Dash was updated to 2.201 on Steam on 7th January 2024 with the following changes:

  • Platformer default sliding changed.
  • More options for sliding in Platformer Levels.
  • Coyote time has been added for jumping off platforms in Platformer Mode.
  • Practice Mode has been added to Platformer Mode.
  • Hitboxes can be shown in Practice Mode.
  • Profiles now have an additional info popup which displays a list of statistics without rounding.
  • Several times have had their prices adjusted.
  • Fixed various bugs.


Ability to restrict copying of levels, all levels uploaded in this version and later are free to copy.

Update 2.202

Geometry Dash was updated to 2.202 on Steam on 8th January 2024. This update exclusively contained bug fixes.

Update 2.203

Geometry Dash was updated to 2.203 on Steam on 11th January 2024 with the following changes:

  • Reverted ice and air-slide changes in platformer mode.
  • Added in-depth Demon display on profiles.
  • Added some editor tools like individual object scaling, half grid movement, and falling events.
  • Added fast menu (reduced transition times)
  • Reduced several bugs.

Update 2.204

Geometry Dash was updated to 2.204 on Steam on 12th January 2024 with the following changes:

  • Added borderless fullscreen.
  • Added extra orb frame.
  • Added optional player hitbox view in Practice Mode.
  • Decreased platformer air friction.

 Update 2.205

Geometry Dash was updated to 2.205 on Steam, iOS and Android on 22nd January 2024 with the following changes:

  • In-depth Stars and Moons display on profile.
  • Ability to move Practice Mode buttons.
  • Added the Castle, Portal and Water Gauntlets.
  • All changes from 2.201 – 2.204.

All these updates brought changes to the gameplay of the game especially in platformer mode.

Updates in Geometry Dash Series(2.2.11-2.2.14)

These are the update 2.2 that came on different dates and with unique changes.

Update 2.2.11

The file size of 2.2.11 is 9.2 MB.

  • Several bugs were fixed.
  • Performance improved.
  • Gameplay stability.

Update 2.2.12

  • Bugs fixed.
  • Optimization occurs.
  • Issues were addressed related to the community.
  • Added new achievements and icons.
  • Improved game’s user interface.

Update 2.2.13

The file size of 2.2.13 is 152.27 MB.

  • New game modes.
  • New levels.
  • Music tracks.
  • Visual effects.
  • New icons.
  • Customization options.
  • Bug fixes.

Update 2.2.14

The file size is not specified.

  • New level called Dash.
  • New game modes called Swing.
  • Four new platformer levels.
  • New collectables called Moon.
  • 700 new icons and 100 achievements.
  • New music & sound effects library.
  • Shader effect and a particle editor.
  • Camera control and auto building of levels.
  • More than 80 new triggers and editor improvements.
  • 1500 pixel new blocks & several new animations.
  • New shops, chests, shards, gauntlets and secrets.

All these updates brought changes to the gameplay of the game especially in platformer mode.

Update 2.2.141

The file size is not specified.

  • Enhanced game modes.
  • User generated content.
  • Improved stability.

Update 2.2.142

The file size is not specified.

  • New levels.
  • New soundtracks.
  • Interactive element mode.
  • Level editor
  • Community sharing.
  • Character customization.
  • Helps players improve their skills with practice.
  • Various achievements for players to earn rewards.
  • Enhanced visual and audio elements.

You can also download old versions from this site.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Geometry Dash is an arcade, runner game developed by Robert Topala. Its name is given to it due to the scenery used in the game everywhere, in background, player’s icons, rewards, obstacles made up of different shapes like square, rectangle, triangle, circle, a slope or slide, even when the icon crashes to the hurdle, it gives shapes effect.

The Dash in the title signifies the uncontrollable pace of the gameplay. With the weight of gravity and the constant push of speed, players maneuver through the rounds by jumping over, staying under, and flying through obstructions. If you hold down the space button or up arrow on the keyboard to perform multi-jump capabilities, you can increase the ease and chances of keeping up.

The software follows a format that indicates major, minor and patch updates. These version may differ:

Geometry Dash 2.2.01

  • Major version(2) indicates the second major release of the software, usually including remarkable new features, changes or improvements.
  • Minor version(2) indicates the second minor release of the software, usually including less important new features or enhancement.
  • Patch version(01) indicates the first patch update of minor version(2). Patch updates usually focus on bug fixes, performance improvements, minor changes that don’t introduce new features.

Geometry Dash 2.201

  • Major version remains the same.
  • Minor version also remains the same.
  • Patch version is also the same.

Update 2.201

It is available for Steam(PC).

It is not available for mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Update 2.202

It is available for Steam(PC).

It is not available for mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Update 2.203

It is available for Steam(PC).

It is not available for mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Update 2.204

It is available for Steam(PC).

It is not available for mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Update 2.205

It is available for Steam(PC), mobile devices(Android & iOS).

Geometry Dash updates (2.2.11, 2.2.12, 2.2.13, 2.2.14) are basically for Android devices. It needs Android 4.0 and above, its updates and installation are available on APK files source.

The confusion between Geometry Dash 2.2.13 and 2.205 is discussed below:

  1. Some developers use sequential numbers to show their minor updates or patches.
  2. Some developers use a compressed way of indicating successive updates and patches.
  3. Some websites might not have accurate information and for the sake of profit they provide inaccurate information.
  4. Some communities might interrupt the version numbers differently, causing discrepancies.
  5. The official notes written by the developer(RobTop) might explain the detailed information about these jumps(if occurred). All websites may not accurately reflect these details.

Pros and cons

Pros (advantages)

  • Catchy music.
  • Easy to improve.
  • Family friendly game.
  • Ability to customize levels.
  • Ability to interact with the community.

Cons (disadvantages)

  • Control to be laggy.
  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • Performance issues on older devices.
  • Precision required.


Here, I will conclude by saying that Geometry Dash 2.2 is the biggest update of this game which offers many new and exciting features which encourage the player to play more. Geometry Dash 2.2 No-Clip, the amazing and fascinating attribute that every player wants.

Using it may stimulate the performance but to use it for normal progress may call it cheating, which is not good for feedback. All the new versions include these updates. Playing it would be enrapturing and hypnotising, so that you will not do anything during the game. Moreover, it is important to have the game from a reliable and trustworthy site. To do so, you should download it from our site and play to have more pleasure.